Geza Pozsar's History

1979 Romanian Olympic Team

Geza was born to Hungarian parents in Romania. At the age of 9 he was selected to the Ballet Academy of Cluj. He graduated in 1970 as a valedictorian after an impeccable dance education. A knee injury forced him to quit professional dancing in 1973.

Geza with Nadia Comaneci

The same year, Geza became the choreographer and dance coach of the Romanian National Gymnastics Team including the legendary Nadia Comaneci and continued his dedicated work until his defection to the US during the "Nadia 1981" exhibition tour.

Geza in the movie "Nadia"

In 1982, Geza opened his own gymnastics center in Sacramento, California. In 1983, he played himself in the movie "Nadia".

1994 World Team

After choreographing Mary Lou Retton’s floor routine for the 1984 Olympics, Geza had the privilege to create floor exercises for many gymnastics celebrities such as: Diane Durham, Kristie Phillips, Phoebe Mills, Chelle Stack, Betty Okino, Michele Campi, Kim Zmeskal, Larissa Fontaine, Jennie Thompson, Kristen Maloney, Alissya Beckerman, Morgan White … and the entire 1996 gold medalist US Olympic Team including, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Jaycie Phelps, Amanda Borden, Kerri Strug and Amy Chow.

Geza at the 2000 Olympics

In 2011, Geza choroegraphed McKayla Maroney, who took second in at the Visa National Gymnastics Championships.

Geza has participated in four Olympics and eight World Championships as a member of the coaching staff for Romanian and American teams. As a long time member of the US Elite Coaching Staff, Geza coached and lectured in numerous training camps, clinics, workshops and USA Gymnastics Congress seminars. In recognition of the quality of his sustained work Geza was awarded two times the prestigious title "Best Choreographer of the Year" by the United State Elite Coaches Association.


Geza recently sold Pozsar's Gymnastics in Sacramento, CA where he worked with distinguished gymnasts such as Emilia Elberle and Edward Mikaelian. Now he's dedicating his entire time and energy to gymnastics choreography and dance.

Geza is a long time collaborator of Galina Marinova and his dear friend Arthur Akopyan. He did Galina's routine for the 1980 Olympics game which was one of Geza's best routines ever.

Currently Geza is the top choreographer for the Japanese National and Olympic team (the number 4 team in the world). He has a very long history of collaboration with Cheiko and Mitso Tsukahara the leaders of the Japanese Gymnastics Federation.

Geza was the top Choreographer for the 2000 Sydney Team.

Geza choreographed and coached the entire 1996 USA Olympic Team "The Magnificent Seven" - S. Miller, K. Strug, D. Dawes, A. Borden, J. Phelps, D. Moceanu and A. Chow.

Geza also choreographed:

In 2014, Geza was listed as a "Master of Sport" by USA Gymnastics as a coach who has demonstrated the ability to train and produce atheletes that have represented the United States of America in the highest level of competition in a Pan American, World Championship, and/or Olympic Games.